Does the term workflow automation conjure up all sorts of complex images for you? In this article, we’re going to break the stigma.

At Attribute, we pride ourselves on providing workflow automation software that is simple to understand and straightforward to implement.

And, by improving your workflow process, you’ll benefit immensely, as we will come to demonstrate.

If you’re ready to create automated workflows that work for your business and replace manual processes, read on!


What Is Workflow Automation?

We’ll start with the basics.

Workflow automation refers to automating the series of tasks that it takes to complete a business process. Automating tasks means that they are done by technological systems rather than people.

From customer service to IT operations to marketing and sales, automation applies to every aspect of any business. Automation needs to be in place across all departments, but more often than not, department heads and business owners overcomplicate said business processes.

With the right workflow automation tools, you will be able to transform the way your business operates for the better.

Sounds good, right?

 How Workflow Automation Helps Grow Your Business

Workflow automation processes should help,  not hinder your business operations. If you find that your current workflow software doesn’t quite do the job, it’s probably an indication to rethink your business processes.

Many business owners get worried about changing their workflow automation, particularly if things have been the same for a long time.

However, we want to show you that there are multiple advantages when you create automated workflows using quality software. These include:


Lower Marketing and Sales Costs

Put simply, without a proper workflow automation process in place, you’re likely spending more than you need to and see your marketing and sales costs rise to new heights.

This is often because you’re hiring employees who have to get busy carrying out arduous and repetitive tasks with little output.

As a result, there will also be fewer incidences of human error, which is always a win-win.

When you choose to implement workflow automation software, you will cut down on such costs. On top of this, you will automate tasks to scale operations, increase marketing efforts seamlessly, and create workflows that maximize customer engagement and sales, among others.

And you guessed it. With lower marketing and sales costs and task automation thanks to the automated workflows, you will increase conversions and bring in more revenue.


More Time for Innovation

Whether you have new ideas for products, services, or want to push forward a creative idea, now is the time to get busy, thanks to your new system.

With manual tasks covered by a reliable automation workflow, you can pour your energy and time into other areas of the business, namely innovation.

Focus on the larger business objectives and the work that needs to be done there.

Not only will you massively improve efficiency all around, but you’ll have the resources to invest elsewhere and reap the benefits too.

You can rest assured knowing that your important business tasks are being taken care of with workflow automation software.


Enable Remote Work

One of the biggest advantages of integrating automated workflows is that you and your staff have greater flexibility.

Many smaller businesses facilitate remote teams, and workflow automation software can support this as a means of assisting with the loss of in-person contact.

Every company can benefit from creating an excellent internal and external communication system and automating said communication is just one step towards doing this.

From intelligent automation workflow task management to document sharing, there are many ways existing processes can be improved to allow remote working.

Increased Employee Productivity

If your team is often busy with paperwork or trying to pinpoint communication with others, this is where automation workflow can significantly help.

For businesses that are suffering due to poor productivity, automated workflows bridge the gap. You’ll be able to keep track of tasks and build workflows that maximize productivity.

The cloud-based software we offer at Attribute is just one example of how everyday tasks can be better tracked. As a result, you’ll have greater power over converting leads, as just one example of the key benefits.


Redundant Manual Tasks Eliminated

Some tasks are compulsory in the world of business but not necessarily enjoyable or productive. When you automate tasks using automated workflows, you eliminate said tasks.

This doesn’t mean that your employees will have nothing to do every day. Quite the opposite, in fact.

It gives them more time to put their skills into valuable tasks that are really going to benefit the organization.


Streamline Communications

Having a system in place to streamline communication will bring about better collaboration and can help with general workflow.

By automating communication within the workplace, your employees and clients will benefit too. Many manual processes surrounding communication take time and exert energy that can be better spent elsewhere.

Plus, in the world of customer service, it is essential that you can automate everyday tasks surrounding communication.

Customers do not like waiting around and will expect instant replies in this dasy and age. Call it demanding, or whatever you please, but ensuring you meet such expectations is super important.

Let’s see an example of automating communication within a workplace:

A customer is called by an inside sales representative, qualified, and booked for an appointment.

With the workflow, said appointment information is automatically distributed to a salesperson who has a sit-down consultation with the customer.

After the consultation, the salesperson has closed the sale, which is dispositioned in the company customer management software (CRM).

That information is then sent to Attribute, which provides full attribution data for that lead.

Finally, the marketing and sales team can utilize this data to optimize further marketing efforts, sales, and conversions.


How Attribute Can Help with Workflow Automation

At Attribute, our workflow automation software helps simplify every type of business process for improved productivity, better communication, and reduced costs.

Our coding knowledge and years of experience in the industry have led us to create an AI system designed with business owners in mind.

Here are some examples of how Attribute’s workflow automation software can work for you:

  • Drag, drop, and connect a diverse range of applications to create intricate workflows for your company.
  • Go for full-scale, automatic distribution via easy-to-change conditions.
  • All distribution will be automatic and can be changed in real-time through an easy to utilize settings tab.
  • Benefit from a complete insight into sales-rep interactions, closes, losses, etc. of leads and appointments.

If you’re interested in benefiting from workflow automation and would like to get started today, we can help you.

No matter your wider business goals, it’s clear to see that approaching tasks using an automated workflow will be advantageous and worthwhile.

Many business owners are already benefiting from our automated processes and eliminating manual work to meet their other business needs.

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