Understand and Nurture Your Leads.
Track Their Every Interaction.
Feed A.I.

Understand and Nurture Your Leads.
Track Their Every Interaction.
Feed A.I.

Attribute allows you to track and nurture your leads from ad click to sale (and everything In between)

Then helps you optimize that journey to increase conversions

Meet Our Clients

Here are the brands we’re proud to say we’ve taken under our collective wing. These clients are thriving thanks to our full stack of AI-powered digital solutions.

Attribute is the world's most comprehensive lead attribution and nurturing software for service businesses

See your full customer journey.
Every Click, Action, Communication your lead makes in an easy to view way

The entire lead journey across all traffic sources and touchpoints, all in one place

Attribute tracks the full customer journey, showing you every time and place a lead has interacted with your company and why/how they converted - taking the guesswork out of what’s leading to conversions

Hold every one of your vendors accountable with real-time, accurate attribution

Attribute takes in true reporting from each vendor and displays which are giving you a true ROI - allowing you determine how good and profitable their leads really are

Know what leads will convert before they do by utilizing Attributes machine-learning powered Lead Scoring

By leveraging thousands of data points on millions of records, Attribute has created a lead scoring algorithm that's currently over 78% accurate

Finally get true ad attribution

By combining super accurate multi-channel ad attribution with AI, we granularly track your various marketing campaigns, let you know which are meeting your KPIs, and give weighted credit for their responsibility in a conversion - allowing you to scale only the ads that are working and turn off the ones that aren't

We are so confident that you will generate


in your first 30-days of using Attribute, that we will give you a full money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Finally have all of your different systems connected and talking to each other

Attribute seamlessly interconnects all the softwares you utilize to aggregate data and ensure compliance

All of your customer communication in a central location

Have the ability to create outreach campaigns (calling, texting, email) or pull in your current campaigns into one hub

Never worry about compliance and TCPA again

Between Attributes DNC sync with all systems (CRM, dialer), and its ability to screen duplicates, invalid leads, and errors - compliance will never be an issue again


Sync all of your systems so that they work in perfect harmony

Sit relax. We handle all onboarding, integrations, setup, etc. so that you can focus on what you do best:

Scaling your business.

Its as simple as
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Create automated lead or appointment distribution workflows to ensure your best prospects are going to your best people

With comprehensive workflows, Attribute allows for effortless lead distribution both internally, to other parts of your organization, or externally

Ready to Make Your Business Better

with Attribute?

If you’re ready to get the most from your lead attribution, lead scoring, and ad attribute activities while optimizing every key element of your business, it’s time to embrace Attribute AI.
Not only do we have the solution to help you take advantage of every valuable lead nurturing opportunity, but we’re also:
Safe and secure
We’ve been thoroughly vetted by independent third-party organizations to ensure complete privacy compliance and exceptional safety standards. Your data is secure with us.
Adaptable and scalable
Rather than replacing your existing tools and systems, Attribute works alongside them to connect everything while providing better analytical insights. It fits right in, makes everything more efficient, and offers insights that will accelerate your business growth—a real win-win-win.
By offering true analytics based on both cost and profitability, Attribute is proven to provide a 10x+ multiple when using our platform within the first 30 days. Not bad, huh?

All of the tracking service businesses need to grow

Service businesses have multiple lead sources, various systems, and many special considerations. Attribute was designed to make these considerations easier to navigate.

Your Attribute platform FAQs answered…

In addition to a wealth of extra functions and features, the thing that sets Attribute apart from a CRM is the depth and detail of the analytics our platform provides.

The data-driven insights Attribute delivers are far more extensive and superior than those offered by regular CRMs, meaning our solution provides more value to businesses across sectors.

Yes, Attribute will consistently offer added value to your existing systems and processes. There’s no other system on the market with the ability to follow a lead through the entire sales and marketing process like Attribute.

The platform’s comprehensive machine learning capabilities empower it to offer razor-sharp insights and provide consistent value as your business grows and develops.

Yes, Attribute will fit in with all of your current systems. The goal behind Attribute is not to replace systems but to work alongside them with pure efficiency. In turn, this will allow for better analytics and superior attribution.

Attribute can help interconnect systems through sophisticated workflows so that companies can work more efficiently, accelerating their commercial growth in the process.
Attribute is an AI-powered tool designed for improved lead and ad attribution as well as enhanced lead scoring, vendor attribution, and internal communication.

By producing a wealth of accessible, in-depth insight across channels and touchpoints, Attribute will help you improve your conversion rates, lower your CPA, and deliver a consistently healthy ROI to your business.

Here are the core features of our AI-powered solution:
  • Full Vendor Attribution
  • Full Ad Attribution
  • Extensive System Interconnectability
  • Smart AI Conversation Bot
  • AI-Driven Lead Scoring

Using Attribute means no more missed opportunities, no more unnecessary ad spend, and no more shooting in the dark. Instead, you will close more conversions, accelerate the growth of your client or customer base, and boost your bottom line with confidence and efficiency.

Using attribute means:

No more missed opportunities

No more unnecessary ad spend

No more shooting in the dark.

Instead you will:

Close more conversions

Accelerate the growth of your client or customer base

Boost your bottom line with confidence and efficiency.

Stop the not knowing and start growing